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Our Mission

Cornerstone is a publication that celebrates the truth and beauty of the Christian Gospel in order to glorify God, edify the Church, and reach the non-believer. We aim to provoke spiritual thought on and around the campuses of Brown and RISD. We publish works of art, prose, and poetry of all denominational persuasions that exhibit intelligent and creative approaches to current events, history, and our Christian faith. Cornerstone is part of a student-driven network of Christian journals on college campuses called the Augustine Collective, which is a program of the Veritas Forum.

Meet our current staff below! Interested in joining our team? Fill out our Join Staff form.

Our Staff

Our Staff


Headshot Dance - Daniel Tully.PNG


Dan Tully

Brooklyn, NY

Behavioral Decision Sciences, Brown '23


Managing Editor

Melanie Kim

Danville, CA

Medical Anthropology, Brown '23

IMG_1949_Original - Ashley Chang.jpg

Online Head

Ashley Chang

Forest, VA

Computer Science/Literary Arts, Brown '23

20210818_174326 - Ashley Yae.jpg

Design Head

Ashley Michelle Yae

Old Tappan, NJ

Graphic Design/History of Art and Design, RISD '23


print team 21-22.jpg
IMG_1891 - Jodie Aguirre.jpg

Jodie Aguirre

Barksdale, TX


Political Science/History, Brown '24

Screenshot_20220828-205849_Photos - Yeabfikir Ayele Alemayehu.jpg

Yeabfikir Ayele Alemayehu

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


IAPA/Computer Science/Literary Arts, Brown '25

7A49B87D-2FE6-46BD-B5F1-FD0828F2274A - Thomas Jankowski.jpeg

Tommy Jankowski

Ranchos Palo Verdes, CA


English, Brown '23

IMG_5751 - Chaelin Jung.jpg

Chaelin Jung

Chandler, AZ

Business Manager

Economics/IAPA, Brown '23

IMG_1048 - Yungeun Kim.jpg

Kevin Kim

Cincinnati, OH


Philosophy, Brown '25

DSC02465 - Abby Schindell.JPEG

Abby Schindell

Hubbard, OH


Mathematics, Brown '25

sheridan center headshot - Haley Seo.jpg

Haley Seo

Los Angeles, CA

Social Media Chair

APMA-Biology, Brown '23

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 3.01.29 PM - Matthew Woo.jpg

Matthew Woo

Toronto, Ontario


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown '24


online team 21-22.jpg
20211007_#262 - Elijah Dahunsi.jpg

Elijah Dahunsi

Houston, TX


History, Brown '25

361-259-245_x4nq_128 - Tony Pan.jpg

Tony Pan

Philadelphia, PA


Chemistry, Brown '24


design team 21-22.jpg
5CBA1D82-2066-48C7-878C-DD753701090C - Eun Ko.jpeg

Eunae Ko

Centreville, VA

Layout Editor

Industrial Design, RISD '23

61D08331-41EE-4A39-8BBF-13B6CC0640FC - Claire Lin.jpeg

Claire Lin

Millbrae, CA

Layout Editor

Biology, Brown '23

IMG_6833 - Jocelyn Salim.jpg

Jocelyn Salim


Layout Illustrator

Illustration, RISD '23

149295F4-7B9E-4810-A136-872C0CA55938 - Timothy Whang.jpeg

Timothy Whang

San Ramon, CA

Layout Editor

Illustration, RISD '23

Cornerstone Alumnae

In 2012, Cornerstone Magazine was founded by students at Brown and RISD. Its first issues were released in the spring and fall of that year. Since then, we have strived to encourage our community to reflect the beauty and truth of the Gospel. Our leaders follow servant leadership, as modeled by Christ. We are grateful to the many alumnae listed below who gave their time, energy, and love to our journal.

Mitch Akutsu, Brown '15 - Content Editor
Gabriel "Gabe" Brotzman, Brown '13 - Business Manager
Amber Buhagiar, Brown '18 - Layout Editor

Kaitlan Bui, Brown '22 - Editor-in-Chief
Pablo J. Cabán-Bonet, Brown '21 - Content Editor, Writer

Leticia Calvillo, Brown '19 - Business Manager
Nia Campinha-Bacote, Brown '15 - Business Manager, Writer

Mikaela Carrillo, Brown '21 - Online Head, Content Editor

Liana Chaplain, Brown '21 - Layout Editor
Nicholas "Nick" Chuan, Brown '17 - Editor-in-Chief, President
Anna Delamerced, Brown '16/Alpert '21 - Content Editor, Writer

Joseph Cusi Delamerced, Brown '22 - Managing Editor, President

Glora Essein, Brown '16 - Content Editor
David Ferranti, Brown '19 - Content Editor, Writer
Bianca Galán-Guzmán, RISD '17 - Layout Editor
Lauren Galvan, Brown '16 - Photographer

Julius Gingles Jr., Brown '21 - Online Team, Content Editor
Berit Goetz, Brown '13 - Writer
Nar Gulvartian, Brown '15 - Circulation Director, Senior Editor
Thomas "Tom" Hale, Brown '19 - President, Senior Editor
Rachel Himes, Brown-RISD '15 - Arts Editor
Taylin Im, Brown '15 - Editor-in-Chief, Circulation Director
Ayisha Jackson, Brown '18 - Content Editor
Emily Jang, Brown '16 - Photographer
Julie Joo, RISD '19 - Photographer
Josiah Jordan, Brown '18 - President, Senior Editor
Olugbenga Joseph, Brown '16 - President, Circulation Director
Elizabeth Jean-Marie, Brown '15 - President, Writer

Victoria Jung, RISD '13 - Layout Editor

Amelia Khoo, Brown '18 - Content Editor

Andrew Kim, Brown '13 - President, Business Manager

Naomi Kim, Brown '21 - Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor

Justina Lee, Brown '15 - Photographer

Austin Lillywhite, Brown '14 - Editor-in-Chief

Katherine "Kathy" Luo, Brown '19 - Editor-in-Chief

Russyan Mark Mabeza, Brown '15 - Content Editor
Isabello Bello Martinez, Brown '17 - Writer
Aleyna Mason, Brown '15 - Copy Editor
Cia Mathew, Brown '14 - Content Editor
Hope McGovern, Brown '19 - Copy Editor, Writer

Sujay Natson, Brown '16 - Photographer
Margaret Nickens, Brown '15 - Editor-in-Chief, President
Monica Perez, Brown '15 - Recruiting & Marketing Director
Madeline Price, Brown '15 - Senior Editor, Copy Editor

Karis Ryu, Brown '21 - Senior Editor, Copy Editor
Jimin "David" Shin, Brown '20 - President, Content Editor

Lucy Tian, Brown '22 - Online Head

Phillip Trammell, Brown '15 - Marketing Manager, Layout Editor
Selena "Nikki" Tully, Brown '19 - Online Editor
Gianna Uson, Brown '18 - Content Editor

Chelsea Wang, RISD '13 - Layout Editor

Cindy Won, Brown '20 - Online Head, Content Editor
Roxanne Wong, Brown '17 - Content Editor
Lydia Yamaguchi, Brown '13 - Photographer
Lisa Yang, Brown '20 - Business Manager, Content Editor
Jessica "Jessie" Zambrano, Brown '17 - Business Manager

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