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Get Out of Your Head

Melanie Kim
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“We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

(2 Corinthians 10:5b ESV)


Quarantine was the perfect breeding ground for a swarm of thoughts, worries, and fears.  I found myself falling into patterns of self-criticism or deep insecurity.  While other people talked about “discovering themselves” or finding the “new me,” I sat on my bed with a dull pencil in hand, stuck in the same cycles of thoughts and lies.  I’m unqualified, not smart, unfaithful, not loving. I’m not good enough. How do other people perceive me? What does my future look like?  


Something has to change.  But what was there to do?  I was stuck at home with the same people, the same schedule, the same challenges, the same ceiling to stare at through late nights and early mornings.  


One night, I stumbled across an exercise in Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen, a book I’d picked up at the local library.  It promised to teach the reader how to escape from destructive thinking patterns by submitting to the truths and love of Christ.    


“We are not subject to our behaviors, genes, or circumstances. We are not subject to our passions, lusts, or emotions. We are not subject to our thoughts. We have a choice because we are conquerors who possess weapons to destroy strongholds,” says Allen. 


And so I took my pencil and began to face the doubts, discouragements, fears, and worries that stampeded through my mind. The first step was to recognize the strongholds in my life.  In the center of a page, I wrote the underlying feeling that was guiding all my thoughts: insecurity.  After pouring out all of the factors contributing to my sense of insecurity, I prayed over each item and opened up my Bible to seek the truths that spoke to each thought.  Then, I wrote out a second page, overwhelmed by the abundance of truths and verses that hardly fit within a page.  Through every verse, God was telling me: You are loved.  You are secure in me.  You’re not qualified but I equip you and empower you.  You are precious. When I looked at my finished work, I was blown away with the  overflowing hope and security found in Christ.

The battle for our spiritual healing and renewal is ongoing, and the greatest enemy that we face can often be ourselves. 


So take captive every thought and bring it before Jesus.  Because of Jesus’s sacrifice, we have victory over our insecurities, and a choice to live in the freedom that He has offered us!

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Melanie Kim is a sophomore at Brown studying Medical Anthropology.

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