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He, Am; I His

Daniel Tully
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I thought of Him as a geyser.

I, the rugged traveller, fearlessly traversing my world,

Harnessing His random gushes like a frontiersman taming the wilderness.

I thought of Him as a sponsor.

Depositing blessings into an account only I knew how to invest,

Watching, enchanted, as I maximized each opportunity.

I thought of Him as a secretary.

Organizing my meetings and streamlining my schedule,

Cherishing the sporadic occasions when I found time for a quick conversation.


I was wrong.


He is a Downpour.

I, the pompous traveller, desperately scrambling for a fiction of control,

Finally sheathing my umbrella to find He has long since drenched my clothing.

He is Forgiveness.

Saturating my life with Grace I have never once deserved,

Watching, patiently, as I begin to read the instructions that came with His gifts.

He is Direction.

Guiding me gently toward joy I am too foolish to recognize,

Delighting in every moment of my roiling, fickle sojourn.


He, the gentle Doctor; I, the furtive patient.

He, the prudent Teacher; I, the arrogant student.

He, the prophetic Waymaker; I, the clueless wanderer.


His Love, the teeming sea; I, the oblivious fisherman.

His Grace, the ceaseless gale; I, the uncomprehending sparrow.

His Promise, boundless paradise; I, the fretful wayfarer.


He, the Shepherd who laid down His life.

I, His restless sheep, finding my peace in His arms.

Daniel Tully is a sophomore at Brown studying Behavioral Sciences.

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