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A Noble Craft

By Alistair Korda '24

You are the reflection in the eye

Of one that remains out of all control

A love hidden in shadowed words

And glances but belonging to

No one but You. For You are all

That which I lay my eyes upon

The streams, the waters, and the

Tears. You are all the soft floating

Smiles that she gives to me in

these quiet wonderful times.

These moments of love

Even if one sided bring a new

Kind of contemplation. That

What I am is all You are and

She is just the same. All the world

Built by grace, the glory of the

Morn. A fire of a saintly kind

Burning like eyes lovelorn.

Singing her words yet coming

From You the holy holy kind

Of fears and joys that come

With the noise of love in

The time of God.


This piece is part of a series asking, “Who is God? And what is He like?”

This Fall, we invite you to tell us how you understand the character, nature, and identity of God through poetry, reflections, art, or more!

Illustration by Eunae Ko '23


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