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By Tony Pan '24

When I’m lost

I would stand here


Cars driving at the intersection, turning

Left center right

Footballs flying over the turf, floating

Left center right

Grapes growing on the luscious vines, hanging there until they’re ripe

I don’t like driving

When to turn

to go

to stop.

How fast you move

When life is in your own hands

and so is your destination.

When each traffic light seems like a calling to turn

The luring puzzles of road lights and exit signs

I would stand there watching

people drive who knew their way

I don’t know football

When to run

to throw

to pass

I want to score the ball into the endzone

But what do I do now

A hundred yards away

The opposition running my way

I would stand there

Frozen in doubt.

Being a lone wolf will get you tackled.

I just want to be a grape

Sit and grow

Nothing to do except hang there

Helplessly just… ~there~

Connected to the vine

To the root

To the being that gives me sustenance

Sustenance that requires no payback


A grape rooted in the vine

Doesn’t worry

The vine is the only way in which it grows




For those that remain will bear much fruit (1)

A grape rooted in the vine

Doesn’t doubt

The vine will provide

What can a grape do

Like little children

Only knowing the unconditional love of mom and dad

Whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (2)

So I would stand here


but satisfied

In the way and the truth and the life (3)


(1) John 15:5

(2) Matthew 18:4

(3) John 14:6


This piece is part of a series asking, “Who is God? And what is He like?”

This Fall, we invite you to tell us how you understand the character, nature, and identity of God through poetry, reflections, art, or more!

Illustration by Jocelyn Salim '23


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