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My Best Friend

By Ashley Chang '23

Photograph by Eunae Ko


When I was in tenth grade, I bought my first prayer journal. I had one rule: I couldn’t use an eraser.


Prayers from Saturday night after the food coma kicked in

Dear God,

Thanks for turkey. When you

Created the world, you probably

Thought of their neck pouches.

I’m not sure how things line up there.


Dad told me that he’s going to buy me

A new iPhone for Christmas.

I counted, and if you line up the money

I get from my part-time job, it would take

10 weeks to buy the new iPhone.

Two and a half weeks for airpods.

My neighbor likes frozen

yogurt more than ice cream.

But, they bake really good fresh bread.

Like, so good. I think I really do love

My neighbors. And their gluten

Free chocolate chip cookies.

Those slap.

Also, I just have to say.

I was reading Job, and he said,

“Did you not pour me out like milk

and curdle me like cheese.”

I think Job was an artist.

I read Jonah too, and I get why his head was wrapped with seaweed now.

Because it was salty.

Sorry, I just had to say that joke.

I’m playing a lot of Candy Crush these days.

Level 1781 is so hard.

Sometimes I feel like a real hacker by changing

The time on my iPad.

I feel like half of my journal entries

are just Apple product references.

Also, quick question:

How do vegans give burnt offerings?

Then again, I guess there were no vegans

In old times. Were there? I should

Look that up.

Thankfully, this semester I’m not

That worried about my grades.

Which is cool. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t turn in

Labs due at 12:00 AM at 11:51 PM.

I guess that’s a flex.

I’m really happy these days, you know.

And probably one day soon I’ll be sad.

Or, more accurately, absurdly stressed out.

But I guess I shouldn’t worry all the time

About things that haven’t happened (that’s

Biblical). I kind of vibe with David though.

He just got along with you, you know?

I’m thinking of buying deep fried turkey

From Bojangles someday soon,

By the way.




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