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seventy times seven

By Lucy Tian '22

Have you ever tasted fear?

when your stomach drops and time stops because there’s this

potent rush of metal blooming behind your teeth

the fear caused by the ones we should never have to fear and

when a home isn’t a real home

but a scar that never heals

fear that divides, builds walls, and tells lies

about who we

can love

should love

hide love from

Have you ever heard Love?

a tender and undeniable Love

crashing into the gaping hole pressed into your chest

unrelenting in its declarations of healing

of restoring

and when the hidden fears of your soul cry out

Love gently breathes truth over the pain

like gloves that block the bite of winter




Love meets fear at the boundaries fear drew for it

crossing them without hesitation

Love makes a home in places where fear reigned

reclaiming them for itself

Love picks up the tattered shreds fear made

redeeming them as




Have you ever seen forgiveness?


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