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Submissions & Pitches

We are currently accepting art, photography, and written pieces for both our print magazine and online platform!

Our current Print theme is "In Remembrance / Memories". Deadline for Print is October 31.

Our current Online monthly theme is "God is...". Online has a different theme every month and accepts pieces up until the end of the semester.

You can upload your piece or artwork at the Google Form here.

If you submit to Online, your piece will be published in Fall 2021 (this semester) on our website. If you submit to Print, your piece will be published in Spring 2022 (next semester) in our print magazine.

Online writes and edits pieces for our website, publishing on a weekly basis. Pieces to be submitted to Online include ones that talk about personal experiences, encouragement, the cares and concerns of most college students and the nation at this time, current events, important Christian topics, poetry, and testimonies. This Fall, Online especially invites you to tell us how you understand the character, nature, and identity of God through poetry, reflections, art, or more in the theme "God is..."!

Print writes and edits pieces for the print magazine, published biannually in the fall and spring. Pieces to be submitted to Print include long-form journalism, interviews, scientific-related analyses, important Christian topics, current events, poetry, personal experiences, and any pieces related to the theme "In Remembrance / Memories".

There are no requirements or prior experience needed to write for Cornerstone or to join Cornerstone staff. If you are interested in getting more involved in the magazine, attend one of our meetings and get to know us! Learn more at the Join Staff page.